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Tuition and Fees - Explained


When you register for class with Legacy Dance Company, you are signing up for a full season of dance (i.e. Fall or Spring) using monthly tuition payments that are based on the number of weeks in that particular season.


If you choose to discontinue classes before the season is over, you are still responsible for paying the remainder of your family’s tuition, as you have committed to a full season of dance and not a month or two. We have a system of automatic monthly tuition payments processed either on a card or through a direct debit from your bank account.


These payments are in place for convenience, but if you would prefer to pay for your full season of dance up front, we are happy to accommodate that as well.

Monthly Tuition Breakdown


Parent & Me/DiscoverTOTS Dance Classes

$35.00/month for 1 class per week

Discover Dance

$48.00/month for 1 class per week

$85/month for 2 classes per week (save $11!)

All Other Classes

$55.00/month for 1 class per week

$100/ month for 2 classes per week (save $10!)

$140/month for 3 classes per week (save $20!)

$170/month for 4 classes per week (save $45!)

$185/month for 5 classes per week (save $90)

$200/month for an Unlimited Dance Pass (save $75+!)


Additional Fee Breakdown


Registration Fee (collected with first payment):

$20/ student

$30/ family


Costume Fee (collected in January):

Kids sizes $48.38 + tax = $52

Adult sizes $55.85 + tax = $60

*dancers who are in multiple classes will have additional costume fees


Recital Fee (collected with costume fee):

$45/ student

+$12/ additional student per family

**our recital fee includes 2 guaranteed tickets to our Spring Showcase, and a recital T-shirt for your dancer(s).


At this time, we are unable to offer full scholarships to our studio, but hope to have that opportunity available in the future! If you or your business are interested in sponsoring a dancer or dance family, please reach out to us at

​Sibling Discount:

A 10% discount will be applied to your tuition for every sibling registered to dance

Refer-a-friend discount:

A 10% discount will be applied to your tuition for every friend who registers for dance and says your name when they register. This discount will be applied to your account for the duration of time that the friend remains registered with Legacy Dance Company.

Our Dance Seasons- Explained


We use the Roaring Fork Valley School District’s calendar to help us create our schedule, and try our best to keep our dance sessions into a number of weeks that is easily divisible into monthly tuition. There may be some external factors that change our seasons slightly, like availability of performance spaces, but we are committed to doing our best to keep everything as simple as possible.


For example:

Fall 2024 is a 17-week session (August 19th – December 20th)

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