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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you currently taking new students?

Legacy Dance Company offers year round dance instruction for boys and girls ages 2.5 - 18+ which is divided into three sessions: Fall, Spring, and Summer. Registration for a single session is an option, but we highly recommend parents think of dance class as a full school year (August - May) with the Summer as a fun exciting bonus to experience the best of what Legacy Dance Company has to offer.

We accept new students all year round, and would love to chat with you and set up a free trial class for your dancer today!*

*Depending on how late into a session your dancer is starting, they may not get to perform in the show. This simply has to due with logistics of costume ordering operations and choreography purposes.

What classes do you offer?

Legacy Dance Company is committed to offering a well rounded dance experience and offers classes for all ages (even adults!) in Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Hip Hop, Contemporary, Acro, Pointe, and more! For dancers who are looking for a little bit more, we have a fantastic competitive dance program. Some classes and companies have prerequisites to support healthy and safe development into more advanced styles. You can find our full class list by clicking here.

How much are dance classes at Legacy Dance Company?

At Legacy Dance Company, we are proud offer high-quality dance instruction at a reasonable price with a tiered tuition that is dependent on your dancer's age and the number of classes they take. For a full explanation of the investment, simply click here.

What if I don't know if my child will like dance class? 

We understand the importance of making sure each dancer is valued, loved, and loving their classes with us. We also know that sometimes, it's just not the right fit. To make sure that we find the perfect class for your student and your family, we offer a FREE trial class-pass to all new students. This allows you to shop around and see what is best, without having to commit to a full session of classes just yet!*


*classes must all be tried within one week (7 days), and must be for the age and technique appropriate for your dancer. Our friendly teaching staff will let you know if there is a class we think your dancer would love! 

What happens if we decide to stop taking dance class in the middle of the session?

At Legacy Dance Company, we put a lot of time, thought, and love into planning our sessions. Our amazing teaching staff is dedicated to creating fun, challenging lesson plans and high quality choreography for our end of session recitals. We devote countless hours to picking the perfect costumes, venues, and music for our events as well as the everyday tasks and challenges that come with running a successful business.


We ask that our dance families respect our hard work and support our efforts by following our policies and procedures. Our policy is that once you have signed up for dance with LDC, you are committing to that one full session (Fall, Spring, Summer etc.). If your family should choose to discontinue classes with us before the session is over, you are still responsible for the remaining financial commitment of that season. We encourage our dance families to contact us with any questions or concerns beforehand, so that we can try to work together to find a solution and help in any way that we are able before it comes to that.

What does my child need to wear to class?

Dancers, as with any other athletes, should always be prepared with the proper equipment and attire for their sport. Dancers in tap classes should come to class prepared with their tap shoes, ballet shoes should be worn to ballet class, and dancers should wear tight fitted clothing so that teachers can easily see their body lines.


Ballet class levels are easily identified by color of leotard and that dress code is as follows:

Parent & Me/Discover Classes: pink tights, pink shoes, pink leotard

Kinder Dance: pink tights, pink shoes, lavender leotard

Level 1: pink tights, pink shoes, light blue leotard

Level 2: pink tights, pink shoes, eggplant (dark purple) leotard

Level 3: pink tights, pink shoes, black leotard

Teen Ballet: pink tights, pink shoes, any solid colored leotard.

Here is a great option from discount dance supply that comes in all of our required colors: Example Leotard

Dancers have the option of wearing a simple wrap skirt of the same color as their leotard, or a dance dress of the same color for younger dancers. A light sweater or legwarmers are allowed through warm-up during colder months.

Can I watch my child during their classes?

At Legacy Dance Company we have a "closed class" policy and ask that parents wait outside of the studio during the entire duration of their child's class. We've found that it helps our students focus better, and it gives you a well deserved break. We love to have "parent observation weeks" towards the end of each session where we invite all of our parents in to watch, and in some cases even participate in class activities with their student. It is always such a fun week, and students LOVE having their parents join them in their special class!


With our littlest dancers, sometimes it is helpful to have parents stay just through warm-up during the first few weeks of class as your dancer adjusts to this new routine, but most often kids are ready to jump right in and get started. You know your child best, and we want to make the transition as easy as possible.

When is the Recital? Is everyone expected to participate?

We are proud to put on two wonderful performances each year! Our Holiday Spectacular is held in early December, and our annual Spring Showcase is typically held in early May. These are some of the most exciting experiences for our dancers and we do expect that everyone participates in the fun. Dancers work hard on beautiful choreography, they get to wear fancy costumes, and the parents get to see their children up on a big stage with professional lighting and sound! To add to the fun, each year we choose a theme for our Spring Showcase which builds excitement and adds a cohesiveness to the show. We work hard to keep our shows as quick as possible, while still honoring the hard-work of our dancers.

Plan on extra rehearsals during the week leading up to each performance, and we ask that you please prioritize these rehearsals and shows. We will give you the information that you need to know, as early as possible to help with your scheduling.

What is the Pre-Professional Company?

Our award winning competition program is for dancers who are looking for a higher level of dance education, to continue on to dance professionally, or go on pursue dance in college. Dancers in our Competition Company put in the most hours in the studio, learn show-stopping dance routines, perform locally, and compete regionally and nationally. There are opportunities to work with guest artists in studio, and even take master classes from professional dancers and choreographers who are currently working in the industry. Placement is by audition, and dancers are expected to dance with Legacy Dance Company year-round to maintain their technique and keep their competitive edge.

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