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Here's The Story

We know that everyone is feeling the effects of social distancing and school/activity closures, and we want to give our community something to do during the break!

We have created the #LDCdanceoff dance challenge! Every day we will release a new dance challenge in our social media for you, your dancers, your cats, your dogs, your hamsters to learn. Then we want YOU to share a video of you and your entire family dancing your hearts out! Let's bring some smiles and laughter back into our lives as we navigate the unknowns ahead!

I truly think that giving people something to smile about is so important especially with all of the anxiety that is being caused by the COVID 19 procedures. My goal is to get kids stuck at home up and moving, and to provide parents with something fun and engaging to entertain their kids. I would love for this challenge to reach as many people as possible so the more you post, like, comment and share, the more people see our posts!

ldcdanceoff day 1.png

Day One: The Macarena!

ldcdanceoff day 2.png

Day Two: Dancing Queen!

Instructional Video!

Day Three: The Handjive!

ldcdanceoff day 3.png

Day Four: Funky Town!

ldcdanceoff day 4.png

Let's keep this party going... all the way to FUNKY TOWN!


Here's the secret sauce:


**use the version by "The Dance Queen Group" and start it at 50 seconds!**


1. do the macarena! (drop your hands after you cross your hips)

2. add three shoulder bops! (up, down, up, up, down)

3. grab a pretend rope with your right hand then left hand

4. do one hip twist!

5. look left, then back to the front

6. play your guitar and get FUNKY!

7. Add some FREESTYLE to the beginning or end for some extra fun! There are no wrong answers, let yourself free!

Don't forget to use the hashtag #ldcdanceoff so we can see your amazing videos!

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