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Teen Dance Classes
(ages 13+)


These classes are a favorite among many of our students, and for our teachers too! Dancers in our Teen Classes utilize the skills that they have built in their beginning classwork to expand their horizons and challenge themselves to explore new qualities of movement. Our amazing instructors make sure everyone gets individual attention while keeping the class collaborative. Want to find out more? Get in touch with us today.

Dress Code:
For Ballet:
Young ladies should wear a plain leotard of any color, pink convertible tights and pink ballet shoes.
Young men should wear a white t-shirt, black shorts or pants, and black ballet shoes.
For all others:
Dancers should wear comfortable, stretchy clothing that shows their body lines easily. Appropriate shoes should be worn: tap shoes for tap class, tennis shoes for hip hop, jazz shoes for jazz class, bare feet for acro and lyrical classes. 



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